Here at Left Coast Engineering, we do everything we can to make your endeavors successful. We are a full-service Product Design Consulting Firm committed to fulfilling the vision of our clients with smart solutions. We offer:

• Standard products that might easily fit your needs
• Engineering Design Services to exactly match what you need
• Distribution / Rep of other companies’ products to give you what you need

We can also help market and communicate your ideas as they become fully developed. The Design Team is supported by a diverse group of individuals with broad experience in Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations.

LCE will help you develope your ideas; we act as your single point of contact, leverage our expertise and partnerships, and provide you with a practical implementation of your ideas (with some of our ideas mixed in).

In short, we are what you need. We make the pieces fit.

  Contact us: 1201 E. Valley Pkwy, Suite 200, Escondido, CA 92027
E-Mail: info@LeftCoastEng.com
Ph: (760) 975-0400
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