Left Coast Engineering works diligently to fulfill our clients’ visions. As an example, consider the design and services provided to an audio manufacturing client that needed custom electronics and control software to complete a home theater offering.

In order to enhance the client's existing speaker performance, LCE was required to create an amplifier system to drive the speakers for this enhanced performance. This required:

- Ground up architecture design of electronic components implemented in four different models.

- Research of room correcting algorithms and recommendation of best-available technology.

- Definition/creation of Windows-Based application for product configuration and interface to room calibration system.

- Unique hardware designs including low-noise high gain EQ circuits and fast-acting AMP protection circuits.

- Supplier relationships and 3rd party partnerships, including becoming a low-volume distributor for one supplier that was not set up to provide the volumes needed for the project.

- Manufacturing ramp oversight of all models. Oversight of all CE compliance testing.

This sample list is an overview of the functions we perform for our clients. We manage all the specifics so that your ideas can develop clearly and creatively. Click on the folders above to see our Hardware and Software Project examples.

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