Standard products available for purchase:

Android Tables, 7" display with capacitive touch, 4 Gig flash, dual camera, HDMI and SD card ports, built in WiFi.

A DC-powered amplified speaker with 3.5mm jack audio input for connection to the headset jack of portable music players and phones. It gets its name from its first use, where it was set on the trunk of a car in a parade and powered off of the car's DC system, providing music for the baton twirling group that followed.

A scaled-down version of the Parade Player, better suited for indoor use, powered through a wall adapter.

Left Coast Engineering is proud to introduce the first off-the-shelf subwoofer plate amplifier that is customizable to your application. With 32-bit DSP processing, crossover and equalization filters that can be tailored to your needs. Plus, control knobs or a menu-based interface allowing your customers to fine tune your subwoofer to their room.

Designed to rapidly deploy location-aware networks in shopping malls, trade show floors, campuses, or anywhere else you need to track assets or know where you are, the RLB allows a scalable network to be depolyed in minutes. Simply plug in a wall adapter or use an existing USB host to add coverage to your custom network.

Working in conjunction with the Radius Location Beacon, the TargetOne Device communicates the specific location of the
guest within a large geographical area. TargetOne allows the ability to pinpoint exact location, tracking guests' patterns, creating specific demographic profiles and opening opportunities for proximity marketing. Product specs are available upon request.

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